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LIPD’s blog is the place to find the latest articles on ethics, politics, government, political parties, and information from Liberia’s 15 counties. We hope you find our blog useful. We encourage you to come back again and again to catch us with the latest happenings in the Liberian political world, including fascinating stories about Liberia’s first spouses, the New Contract with the government, and much more.

Highlights of the Liberian Draft Budget

ere are highlights of the Liberia draft budget. To dive into the budget for details, click here to access a copy The first Line Chart shows GDP per capita calculated in the US dollar. Less per capita means the country is poor or brook. When you’re poor, you become...

Leadership Success Conference (LSC)

LIPD 21st Century Leadership Success ConferenceWe are a Leadership Training Conference. We train and motivate members the fundamentals of leadership, empower them to overcome weaknesses, increase their strengths and invite them to join over 100,000 members from across...

Montserrado County

Montserrado County Vision: Our vision is to create an economically vibrant county that harnesses the unique advantages offered by its diverse urban, peri-urban and rural human and natural resources to ensure equal socioeconomic opportunities for all citizens.  With...

Liberian Counties

Liberia County Development AgendaThree factors have guided and stirred the fifteen Liberian counties to galvanize and take concrete action to change their standard of living since the end of the Civil Conflicts. The Civil War destroyed bridges, roads, houses,...

Timeline of Liberian History

The arrival of the freed slave immigrants on Dozoa, meaning in Gola dialect, land in the center of water that the new settlers and new generation of Liberians called Perseverance Island and Providence Island, respectively, was a second sequela of the Liberian history....

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