Vision: The people of Bomi envisage a County with good governance and rule of law, reconciliation, peace and stability, advancement in social, economic, political, cultural and human development, active participation of youth and women, rapid industrialization, provision of electricity, increased job opportunities and improvement of the standard of living of all citizens and residents.

Overview: Bomi means light in Gola. The region, aka Bomi Hills, or a former iron-mining district, was a territory of Montserrado County. In 1983, an Act of the Liberian Legislature upgraded the Bomi Territory to what is today referred to as Bomi County.  Liberia Mining Company (LMC) exploited iron ore in the County in the 1950s and 1960s. LMC closed operations in 1979. The county is also the location of the Sime Darby Rubber Plantation, the second largest in Liberia.
The county is focused on achieving five development goals: pavement of primary and secondary roads, security, economic revitalization, governance and the rule of law; and infrastructure and providing basic social services to the diverse county residents including the Gola, Dei, Mandingo, and Kpelle tribal people.


County Government

County Abbreviation: BM
Created: 1984
County Website:
Capital: Tubmanburg
County Flag: Shows a rich, fertile land crisscrossed with rolling hills, a tree in the background. The hills represent the rich iron ore, while the tree depicts the fertility of the soil.
Superintendent: Haja Washington
Local Government:


Resident: Bomian
Resident Population: 84, 119
Districts: Largest District by population: Klay, Dowein, Seuhn, Mecca, and Senjeh
Race/Ethnicity: Gola, Dei, Mandingo and Kpelle.
Sex: 42,940 males and 41,179 females





Unemployment: 70% of the population is engaged in agricultural activities, including the production or exploitation of rice, the stable food, cassava, sweet potatoes or eddoes, plantains, vegetables, rubber, palm oil, livestock, and fisheries. 20% is engaged in business and petty trading and 10% in local government activities.
Resources: Diamond, rubber, timber, iron ore, gold, water, stone, sand, fertile agriculture land
County Budget:
Tourist Attraction:


Elementary: 105
High School: C. H. Dewey High School, St. Dominic Catholic Mission, St. Paul Episcopal, Pentecostal, Charlotte Tolbert High, Parker High
Technical School: Suehn Industrial Academy Mission,
College/University : Bomi Community College
Teachers: 135


Land Area: 755 square miles
Location: Northern region. It borders Gbarpolu County in the north, Grand Cape Mount County in the west, Montserrado County in the South and the Atlantic Ocean on the East.

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