Liberia’s Perennial Problems

There are three key recurrent Liberia’s problems that may have metastasized but remain unresolved since the country declared its independence over a hundred and seventy years ago. The inordinate greed for power and money, inability to overcome the country’s export and...

Full Political Participation

The upshot of systemic public policy failure to benefit, at least most of, the people in Africa at large and Liberians in particular, is one-party domination or the disfranchisement of the public from full participation in the democratic, policymaking process....

The People’s New Deal

Over 160 years ago, in the midst of the most gruesome moment in the struggle of the African continent against colonial domination and slavery  with the fundamental goal of establishing Liberia as an independent nation at stake, the Grebo, Mende, Mandingo, Bassa,...
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