• Bring together stakeholders who have vested interest in a democratically stable Liberia. Democratic stability includes but not limited to free and fair elections, freedom of the press, equal opportunity, protection of minority rights, protection of human rights, and equal justice for all under the statute and law
  • Promote democratic practice and engagement through civic education, training, workshop, and conference. Civic education may cover the rights and duties of citizens to each other as well as members of a legislative body and the government. It may also extend to obeying the laws of the country, paying the taxes levied by the government, or serving on a jury or as a witness in court, registering to vote and voting, and serving in armed forces.
  • Support free and fair elections and democratic engagement and dialogue among political parties as well political aspirants. Support includes but not limited to, providing an all-in-one platform or echo chamber where information about political parties and aspiring politicians can be available.
  • Galvanize support for good governance and economic development and discourage, through dialogues, and against any attempt to disrupt the democratic process and practice in Liberia. Disruptions may include but not limited to electoral fraud, corruption, political saboteurs, and upheavals.
  • Support peaceful initiatives through mutual collaboration and dialogue
  • Gather information, through research, on democratic and economic progress that may help LIPD to measure democratic progress in Liberia.
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