Checks and Balances System

Proposition 1: If the Liberian government espouses and advocates democratic ideals, including the checks and balances system, then, duly sworn officials of government will not allow one branch of government to make the law, enforce it and execute it. The fusion of two or three branches will theoretically and practically lead to tyranny, denial of liberty, and arbitrary control of life and property of individual citizens.

Currently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an agency of the Executive Branch, regulates or sets procedures in tribal trials and determines tribal court fees. The regulation of and setting up procedures for tribal courts is a function of the Judiciary Branch. The fusion of power could lead to arbitrary control or denial of equal justice under the law. It’s simply against the checks and balances system.

Take the Checks and Balances System Pledge

I, ______, pledge to the citizens and residents of the  ____or district of the county of ______ that I do two things: First, I pledge to honor and commit to the Checks and Balances System. I will ensure that the three branches of government namely the executive, the judicial and the legislative branches of government are co-equals. No one branch should be allowed to dictate or unduly influence the other branches. Second, I pledge to work hand in hand with the Liberia government to develop and maintain an electoral system that provides free and fair elections, encourage the participation of all in the democratic process, good governance, social cohesion, and solidarity among Liberians irrespective of social status.

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