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How We Protect Liberia Democracy, Stability, and Prosperity

Would you mind joining us to scale up our efforts to educate, advocate, organize, and litigate on behalf of the values we all hold dear

Liberia Democracy

In the following year, the Institute will put forward a plan for strengthening the democratic guardrails and a roadmap that aims to achieve the promise of full-fledged democracy, free and fair elections, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly.

Strengthen government constitutional role

Constrain the abuses of executive power

Protect equality of all under the law

Empowering women. Educated women are more likely able to promote a healthier economy and a better society.

Liberia Stability

Our work is to produce a tangible impact on protecting and preventing corrupt elections, protecting vulnerable communities and minorities, independent institutions, political dissent, and standing together united in defense of Democracy.

Strengthen Liberian socioeconomic well-being

Encourage self-sufficiency and personal responsibility

Increase the wealth of the middle class

Eliminate barriers to economic opportunity

Safeguard public safety against disease and illiteracy

Better educate and prepare children and youth for healthy, and productive lives

Protect older adults, minorities, & people with disabilities

Liberia Prosperity

Protecting Liberia’s stability consists of three pillars, as follows. We will continue to scale up our efforts to educate, advocate, organize, and litigate on behalf of the values we all hold dear.

Eliminate corrupt and unethical behaviors

Modernize trade enforcement practices

Protect Liberia legitimate trade interests

Enforce international trade agreements and similar laws

Protect seaports, railways, other forms of mass transit

Protect marine resources and fisheries

Safeguard Liberia financial systems-global trust in Liberia Dollars and financial institutions

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