Imports and Exports

Proposition: If exports increase GDP, expand the economy as opposed to imports that adversely affect economic growth, then Liberia will only thrive if it keeps a sustainable balance of trade, protect local markets against imports and made in Liberia initiatives. In other words, Liberia’s economic growth and expansion depend on the extent to which the county net imports will continue to be lower than exports.

Take Imports/Exports Pledge

I, ______, pledge to the citizens and residents of the  ____or district of the county of ______ that I do three things: First, I support and encourage any government policies that increase exports and provide low-interest loans to local farmers engaged in the exportation of product or service. Second, and I will discourage the increase in consumption of import goods or services especially rice. And third, I pledge to work hand in hand with the Liberia government to impose or restrict any importable product or service that negatively upset Liberia’s trade balance.

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