21st Century Leadership Success Conference

We are a Leadership Training Conference. We train and motivate members the fundamentals of leadership, empower them to overcome weaknesses, increase their strengths and invite them to join over 100,000 members from across the country who are also looking to better themselves by becoming stronger leaders. Our onsite or online advisors will support your endeavors every step of the way, from beginning to end.

The Liberia Institute of Politics and Democracy and the National Society of Leadership and Success inspired the Leadership Success Conference’s establishment. NSLS owns its early development from Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Carnegie, and numerous successful leaderships and inventors. LIPD is dedicated to uplifting democratic institutions, bolstering support for stability and prosperity in Liberia.


Guide members to follow our Leadership Success Programs: Orientation, Leadership Training, and creating Networking Group Program. 

Leadership Training Programs

The LSC’s induction process has four interconnected building blocks as follows:

  • Orientation Program
  • Leadership Training Program
  • Creating the Network Groups
  • Induction


The Orientation program consists of various factors. Through an email or text message, NSC will welcome new members, provide them access to the information they need to learn about the LSC, and show them the steps to the induction.

Leadership Training

In this phase, aspirant candidates will attend an interactive video training session, identify goals, and set up specific, measurable, actionable, rewarding, time-based, and environmentally responsible mini-steps to achieve them. Candidates will also learn various 21st Century leadership skills, Leadership behaviors, and communication, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and create a path for overcoming obstacles.

Speaker Broadcasts

 In the third phase, members will attend live-streamed and prerecorded speaker videos from mavens, subject matter experts, successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and philanthropists. Topics include leadership fundamentals, identifying goals, facing challenges, personal growth, and successfully transitioning from where you are to where you intend to be.

Creation of Network Team

In the fourth phase, each candidate will form their network team from 3-9 members. The team will set goals together, hold three meetings between one and two weeks, and step up baby steps to achieve them. The head of the team will report the time and progress of the meeting.


In the Induction phase, LSC will host an induction ceremony to confer Certificate of Leadership Training and Honoring the achievement of those who complete the programs. LSC will monitor, stand by and provide moral and material support to our inductees in achieving their goals, purpose, vision, mission, and goals.

Training Tools Library

Orientation Program Tools

Induction Program Tools

Leadership Training Tools

Network Meetings Program Tools

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Upcoming Events

We will send letters to successful candidates to our 21st Century Leadership Conference effective January 30, 2023. Candidates are welcomed from institutions, states, communities, and countries across the world.

Jan 02: Leadership Remote Meeting

5:30pm – 6:50pm

Get Involved

Application to the Leadership Conference is open to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. The program fee is waived for those who can not afford to pay the $100 registration fee.

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