Ethics & Morality

Proposition: Since ethical stewardship creates model values and behavior worthy of emulation, improves trusted relationships with stakeholders, and supports long-term interest over short-term interest, then installing ethical values in government will give a good reputation to the country and increase direct investment opportunities. Unethical leaders, on the other hand, create a work environment that breeds distrust, uncertainty, dishonesty, greed and low employee morale.

Take the Ethical Pledge

I, ______, pledge to the citizens and residents of the  ____or district of the county of ______ and that I do three things: First, I will fight unethical behavior and adopt clear and strong policies about ethics in government and unethical behavior in the discharge of my duties and responsibilities to the Liberian people. Second, and I will encourage open communication, set clear and strict policies, and encourage whistleblowers to report on unethical behaviors. And third, I also pledge to work hand in hand with the Liberia government to put in place internal control systems and support law enforcement agencies and the courts to severely punish any person found guilty of unethical acts anywhere in government.

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