Political Parties

Proposition: Since political parties are essential to the stability of the democratic system, then a political party that works to identify issues throughout the year contributes to Liberia’s democratic stability more than those political parties that burgeon during election periods and fizz out afterward.

The Political Party Pledge

I, ______, pledge to the citizens and residents of the ____or district of the county of ______ that we will do four things: First, we will accept the results of democratically held elections. We will concede, in good faith, to the victors, and will do our part to assist the government-elect or the incumbent in the supreme interest of the Liberian people. Second, we will continue to perform our responsibilities as a viable instrument for democratic governance including constructively criticizing the policies or taking the government to court if we feel the Supreme law is, in any way, violated. And third, we pledge to work hand in hand with duly viable parties and communities to debate important issues or identify any threat -internal or external-that may pose an imminent danger to the country and the survival of Liberian people. Fourth, we pledge not to encourage any illegal demonstration, or engage in acts intended to sabotage or overthrow the duly elected government or official of the government.

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